Put Meaning Into your Life!

Are you surprised finding a partner did not make you happy?

bigstockphoto_Closeup_Of_Businesspeople_Hold_4966183Do you find yourself wondering why other couples look so much happier than you?

Do you question yourself if you know what love really is?

Broken_Heart_70985What brings meaning to life is healthy relationships. Romantic relationships can be the best thing in your life….. and the most painful thing in your life.

Why is that? It’s because you can be vulnerable with the person you love. This vulnerability makes you close but also opens you up to pain. Relationships are not fulfilling and meaningful if you cannot be vulnerable.

If you choose to become and stay vulnerable with your partner and don’t have the skills of healthy communication, then you risk feeling pain or feeling lonely…..or feeling both pain and loneliness.

How do you bring meaning into your life and feel safe at the same time?

bigstockphoto_Courage_1393926How do you find the courage to take a risk being vulnerable with another person?

Learn the skills that can bring safety to your romantic relationship. Give me a call: 214-521-1278 I can teach you and your partner the communication skills to become self aware and share that awareness with each other.

Learn how you and your partner can listen to each other in ways that will enrich your love life.

bigstockphoto_Care_4018337When you can understand yourself and share that awareness with your partner, conflicts can be resolved and safety can return to your relationship.

People choose their partners correctly. It’s remaining vulnerable with them that’s difficult.

Call me today: 214-521-1278 and let me teach you the skills you need to have the loving relationship you deserve.

Let me help you find true meaning in your life. Everyone deserves to love and be loved.

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